January 01, 2020


Coffee roaster announces they will donate 100% profits to charity

COSTA MESA, CA, January 1, 2020--Lion & Lamb Coffee Roasters announce they will now operate as a social business and donate 100% of their profits to charity. Social businesses are designed to address social problems such as poverty, environmental, healthcare etc. Lion & Lamb will use the profits from the sale of their roasted coffee to tackle specific problems such as fighting hunger, supplying clean drinking water, planting trees, and much more. In addition to subsidizing these goals, as a social business Lion & Lamb seeks to work with companies or individuals who provide a sustainable product or have a give-back model.

“The beauty of a social business is by choosing to not maximize profits, we eliminate any wavering when it comes to choosing a product that has socio-economic benefits over one that is cheaper in order to meet our bottom line”, said Rick Wheeler co-founder of Lion & Lamb.

Those relationships are the essence of what makes a social business different from a charity. A social business chooses to purchase products they need from companies who are also mission oriented, creating a cycle that allows both companies to grow and provide benefits toward their respective missions. This process can be repeated indefinitely, and with various companies.

Lion & Lamb chose this type of business because they wanted to help solve our world’s biggest problems, but felt there was another way than with a traditional charity model.

“Both models are amazing, and necessary to fight all the problems we face. Charities are great at providing relief for immediate problems like hunger, but a business has the power to create long lasting socio-economic change that could prevent the problems before they happen”.

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Lion & Lamb Coffee Roasters

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About Lion and Lamb Coffee Roasters 
Lion and Lamb Coffee Roasters is a social business and donates 100% of its profits to charities that help end problems like hunger, thirst, and homelessness. Lion and Lamb Coffee Roasters operates in Orange County, CA and sells its roasted coffee online. They also have wholesale coffee partnerships with local businesses who have the same passion to make change in the world. For additional information about Lion and Lamb Coffee Roasters, visit https://lionandlambcoffee.com/. 

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